Q: What is specialty coffee? A: Specialty coffee refers to coffee that is of the highest quality, with a unique flavor profile and without any defects. It is typically grown at higher altitudes and using sustainable farming practices. Specialty coffee is often roasted in small batches to preserve its unique taste and aroma.

Q: What is the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)? A: The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a nonprofit, membership-based organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from farmers to baristas to roasters, in over 100 countries around the world. The SCA’s mission is to promote excellence in specialty coffee by providing education, training, and networking opportunities for its members.

Q: Who are you as an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST)? A: Galen Garner is an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST), which means that he is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association to provide training and certification courses in barista skills and brewing skills. We also work with various other ASTs around the globe for other skills programs offered by SCA. As an AST, he adheres to the SCA’s rigorous standards for curriculum and instruction, and our courses are taught by experienced coffee professionals who are themselves certified by the SCA. Barista Consult is committed to providing high-quality education and training that helps coffee professionals and enthusiasts develop their skills and knowledge in the specialty coffee industry.

Q: What courses does Barista Consult offer? A: Barista Consult offers Barista and Brewing Skills of specialty coffee courses certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. These courses are designed for coffee professionals and enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the specialty coffee industry.

Q: Are Barista Consult’s courses suitable for beginners? A: Yes, Barista Consult’s courses cater to all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced coffee professionals. Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of specialty coffee and hands-on training to help you develop your skills and knowledge.

Q: What language are the courses conducted in, and do I need to have a certain level of proficiency in that language to enroll? A: Our courses are primarily conducted in English, and a high level of English proficiency is required to ensure your success in the program. However, if you ever need clarification or assistance in French or Moroccan Arabic, our instructors are available to provide support.

In addition, while English is the primary language for instruction, written course materials are available in a variety of languages. If you have a preference for course materials in a specific language other than English, please discuss this with your instructor. We aim to accommodate diverse linguistic needs to enhance your learning experience. Feel free to communicate with your instructor to explore the available options that best suit your requirements.

Q: What certification will I receive after completing a course with Barista Consult? A: After completing a course with Barista Consult, you will receive a certificate issued by the Specialty Coffee Association. This certification is recognized worldwide and demonstrates your expertise in specialty coffee to potential employers or customers.

Q: How can I sign up for a course with Barista Consult? A: You can sign up for a course with Barista Consult by e-mailing us and telling us what you are interested in. Let us know the courses that you are interested in taking and we will discuss a plan of action for moving forward with you.

Q: Where do the courses take place, and are there off-site options available?

All our courses are conducted in the Greater Casablanca Area, near Mohammedia, Morocco, as the primary location. However, we do offer off-site options in select areas, such as Marrakech, to accommodate our students’ needs. If you are interested in an off-site course option, please get in touch with Barista Consult before booking. We can discuss the availability of courses in your preferred location and make necessary arrangements. We are committed to providing flexibility to ensure that you have the best learning experience possible. Feel free to reach out to us for further details and to explore the options available to you.

Q: What technology do I need to take Barista Consult’s courses and exams? A: To take our courses and exams, you will need access to a reliable internet connection and a computer (recommended by SCA). We recommend checking the Specialty Coffee Association’s website for detailed technology requirements for each course and exam. Please note that Barista Consult is not responsible for any technical issues or problems that may arise during the courses or exams, and we are not liable for any damages or losses caused by your technology or internet connection.

Q: How much do Barista Consult’s courses cost and what are the payment requirements? A: The cost of our courses varies depending on the course type and duration. When you sign up for a course, we will provide you with a quote that includes all course fees and taxes. Please note that all in-person and online courses require a 50% payment up front to secure your spot in the course, with the remaining 50% due prior to the course start date. We accept various forms of payment, including credit cards and bank transfers. If you have any questions about our payment requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Where can I find more information about how the Specialty Coffee Association’s education program works? A: For more information about the Specialty Coffee Association’s education program, including how to register for courses, how to prepare for exams, and what certification options are available, please refer to this link: https://education.sca.coffee/learners-how-it-works. This link provides a detailed overview of the education program and answers many frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Q: How can I access and complete the BCM Consent Agreement? A: You can access and complete the BCM Consent Agreement by visiting our website at www.baristaconsult.com and clicking on the link labeled “BCM Consent Agreement.” This will take you to the consent form where you can review the terms, fill out the required information, and submit it electronically. If you prefer a physical copy, you can also download it from the same page and follow the provided instructions for submission. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance. Your agreement to the BCM Consent Agreement is necessary before enrolling in our courses.